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PEHP Fiscal Analysis of 2018 Legislative Bills

PEHP Reviewed Bills With Fiscal Impact

HB0322S02 » Non-emergency Patient Transportation Safety Amendments

HB0322S03 » Non-emergency Patient Transportation Safety

SB0135 » Insurance Contracts Amendments

SB0181 » Infertility Insurance Coverage Amendments

SB0181S01 » Infertility Insurance Coverage Pilot Program

SB0224 » Medical Treatment Prior Authorization

PEHP Reviewed Bills With No Fiscal Impact -- With Comment

HB0019 » Health Insurance Right to Shop Amendments

HB0024 » Autism Insurance Coverage Sunset Amendments

HB0053 » Health and Human Services Reports

HB0139S01 » Telepsychiatric Consultation Access Amendments

HB0139S02 » Telepsychiatric Consultation Access Amendments

HB0163 » Prescription Drug Importation Program

HB0163S01 » Prescription Drug Amendments

HB0163S02 » Prescription Drug Amendments

HB0163S03 » Prescription Drug Amendments

HB0163S05 » Prescription Drug Amendments

HB0229 » Surviving Spouse Insurance Death Benefit Amendments

HB0315 » Health Insurance Athletic Trainer Services Amendments

HB0315S01 » Health Insurance Athletic Trainer Services Amendments

HB0315S02 » Health Insurance Athletic Trainer Services Amendments

HB0425 » Physician Certification

HB0431 » Telemedicine Reimbursement Amendments

HB0431S01 » Telemedicine Reimbursement Amendments

HB0431S02 » Telemedicine Reimbursement Amendments

HB0433 » Medical Retainer Agreement Amendments

SB0135 » Insurance Contracts Amendments

SB0135S01 » Insurance Contracts Amendments

SB0217 » Physician Testing Amendments

SB0217S01 » Physician Testing Amendments

SB0053S01 » Workers' Compensation Coordination of Benefits

SB0073S01 » Public Employees' Benefit and Insurance Program Amendments

SCR014 » Concurrent Resolution on the Public Employees' Health Plan

PEHP Reviewed Bills With No Fiscal Impact -- No Comment

HB0012 » Family Planning Amendments

HB0029 » Public Employees Long-term Disability Act Amendments

HB0039 » Department of Insurance Amendments

HB0039S01 » Department of Insurance Amendments

HB0039S02 » Department of Insurance Amendments

HB0039S03 » Insurance Modifications

HB0039S04 » Insurance Modifications

HB0039S05 » Insurance Modifications

HB0042 » Medicaid Waiver for Mental Health Crisis Services

HB0090 » Motor Vehicle Insurance Modifications

HB0100 » Medically Complex Children with Disabilities Waiver Program

HB0100S01 » Medically Complex Children with Disabilities Waiver

HB0105 » Medicaid Sanctions Amendments

HB0127 » Controlled Substance Database Act Amendments

HB0127S01 » Controlled Substance Database Act Amendments

HB0139 » Telepsychiatric Consultation Access Amendments

HB0151 » Utah Population Estimates Production

HB0179 » State Training and Certification Requirements

HB0194 » Hazardous Materials Emergency Amendments

HB0210 » End of Life Options Act

HB0204 » Health Care Debt Collection

HB0204S01 » Health Care Debt Collection

HB0204S02 » Health Care Debt Collection

HB0204S03 » Health Care Debt Collection

HB0258 » Women's Cancer Screening Notification Amendments

HB0258S01 » Women's Cancer Screening Notification Amendments

HB0258S02 » Women's Cancer Screening Notification Amendments

HB0263 » Assisted Living Facilities Amendments

HB0263S02 » Assisted Living Facilities Amendments

HB0263S01 » Assisted Living Facilities Amendments

HB0322 » Non-emergency Patient Transportation Safety Amendments

HB0322S01 » Non-emergency Patient Transportation Safety

HB0325 » Primary Care Network Amendments

HB0325S02 » Primary Care Network Amendments

HB0325S01 » Primary Care Network Amendments

HB0325S03 » Primary Care Network Amendments

HB0325S04 » Primary Care Network Amendments

HB0363 » Firearms Amendments

HB0394 » Health Information Exchange Amendments

HB0394S01 » Health Information Exchange Amendments

HB0394S02 » Health Information Exchange Amendments

HB0394S03 » Health Information Exchange Amendments

HB0399 » Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Amendments

HB0399S01 » Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Amendments

HB0400 » Controlled Substance Abuse Amendments

HB0400S01 » Controlled Substance Abuse Amendments

HB0409 » Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association

HB0409S01 » Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association.

HB0417 » Federal Grants Management Amendments

HB0417S01 » Federal Grants Management Amendments.

HB0421 » Medicaid Waiver for Mental Health Patients

HB0429 » Service Software Applications and Registration

HB0429S01 » Service Software Applications and Registration)

HB0434 » Controlled Substances Act Amendments

HB0435 » Medicaid Dental Benefits

HB0435S01 » Medicaid Dental Benefits

HB0460 » Dental Hygienist Amendments

HB0472 » Medicaid Expansion Revisions

SB0012 » Public Education Recodification - Cross References and Repeals

SB0016S01 » Public Safety Fee Revisions

SB0016S02 » Public Safety Fee Revisions

SB0190S01 » Underinsured Motorist Coverage Amendments

SB0021 » Public Safety and Firefighter Retirement Death Benefit Amendments

SB0047 » Medicaid Expansion Amendments

SB0047S01 - Medicaid Eligibility Amendments

SB0048 » Medicaid Waiting Period Amendments

SB0116 » Revisor's Technical Corrections to Utah Code

SB0118 » Abortion Law Amendments

SB0118S01 » Abortion Law Amendments

SB0126 » Gestational Agreements Revisions

SB0150 » Utah Statewide Stroke and Cardiac Registry Act

SB0150S01 » Utah Statewide Stroke and Cardiac Registry Act

SB0172 » Medicaid Waiver Amendments

SB0172S01 » Medicaid Waiver Amendments

SB0172S02 » Medicaid Waiver Amendments

SB0190 » Underinsured Motorist Coverage Amendments

SB0190S02 » Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

SB0227 » Licensing Standards for Military Spouses

SB0227S01 » Licensing Standards for Military Spouses

SB0227S02 » Licensing Standards for Military Spouses.

SB0237 » Vision Services Amendments

SB0237S01 » Vision Services Amendments

SB0237S02 » Vision Services Amendments

SB0241 » Medical Benefits Recovery Amendments

HJR012 - Joint Resolution Calling Upon the Attorney General to Sue Prescription Opioid Manufacturers

SCR004 » Concurrent Resolution on Deaths from Opioid-induced Postoperative Respiratory Depression

SCR004S01 » Concurrent Resolution on Deaths from Opioid-induced Postoperative Respiratory Depression

SCR011 » Concurrent Resolution on Awareness and Treatment of Maternal Depression and Anxiety

Primary Care Network Amendments

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