The URS Newsroom: For Policymakers, Media, and the Public

Public Information Requests

Member Information/Customer Services

Click one of the following links for member information and customer service contacts:
     » Utah Retirement Systems (URS)
     » PEHP Health & Benefits

Click the following link for the information available for public release:
     » The URS Newsroom

Notes and Details

Most information available for public release is found on the URS Newsroom, which is designed for policymakers, media, and the public, and includes the following information:
     » URS Annual Comprehensive Financial Report
     » Administrative Expenses and Compensation
     » PEHP Financial Statements
     » Actuarial Reports
     » Contribution Rates
     » Administrative Board meeting agendas and minutes
     » Other public materials and information regarding the Utah State Retirement Board, Retirement Office, and PEHP.

Public information about benefits is available on the URS and PEHP websites.

For other public information requests, contact:
Liza Eves, Public Information/Records Officer

Generally, some types of information are not publically available:

     » Member and participant information
        (Members, employers, beneficiaries, or dependents should use the customer service links provided above)
     » Revenue transactions
     » Investment detail not disclosed in public reports

URS and PEHP are not subject to Utah Code Title 63G, Chapter 2, Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). Utah Code § 49-11-618(2) provides, "(a) All data in the possession of the office is confidential, and may not be divulged by the office except as permitted by board action. (b) All data in the possession of the office or divulged pursuant to board action shall be used for the sole purpose of carrying in to effect the provisions of this title.” Pursuant to Utah Code Title 49 the Board has adopted the following resolutions governing access to information in the possession of URS:

» Resolution #2015-01 Confidentiality of Benefits and Insurance Information
» Resolution #2015-02 Confidentiality of Retirement and Defined Contribution Information