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PEHP Fiscal Analysis of 2014 Legislative Bills

SB 57 - Autism Services Amendments

HB 113 - Pharmacy Benefit Manager Amendments

No costs are anticipated in the current PBM contract. However, changes to subsequent pharmacy benefit manager contracts in response to the proposed legislation may increase costs. Costs may increase as a result of potential alteration of MAC pricing definition within the PBM contract relating to drugs with three or less therapeutically equivalent drugs and generic drugs in an exclusivity period.

HB 88 - Autism Program Amendments

HB 106 - Employer Sponsored Clinic - Prescription Drug Amendments

No fiscal impact is anticipated if PEHP requires dispensing fees and allowed amounts remain in the same for physicians and pharmacists.

SB78 - Prescription Eye Drop Guidelines

No fiscal impact, because SB 78 does not alter benefit design.

SB210 - Prescription Synchronization


No fiscal impact for PEHP.

SB0261 - Emergency Room Services Amendments

No fiscal impact for PEHP. PEHP doesn't currently contract or provide services for Medicaid or CHIP.