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URS Target Date Funds

We’re giving URS members an outstanding new way to simplify and diversify their retirement savings plans. URS introduced 12 Target Date Funds for our retirement savings plans on Jan. 1, 2015.

These funds provide a diverse investment mix that adjusts over time to maintain age-based, risk-adjusted allocations throughout a member’s lifetime.

The 12 new funds gradually adjust throughout a member’s career and into retirement. The investment mix — which includes stocks, bonds, and alternatives, such as commodities and REITs — is automatically reallocated to be weighted more conservatively as members age and approach retirement.

The underlying investments are managed by solid, well-known money managers (e.g., Blackrock, Dodge & Cox, Dimensional Fund Advisors). These new Target Date Funds are available in the four URS Savings Plans (401(k), 457, Roth and traditional IRAs).

Target Date Funds replaced the URS Horizon Funds. Horizon Funds no longer exist as an option.

Target Date Funds contain broad asset classes to help give members diversification and provide the appropriate balance of risk and return. They include: Passive Large Cap Stock, Active Large Cap Stock, Small Cap Stock, International Stock, U.S. Bonds, International Bonds, Stable Value/URS Income Fund, U.S. REITs, Commodities, Global Inflation-Linked Bonds, and Private Real Estate.

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